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Benefits for
Life Science

Over 2000 experiments on the ISS have proven the beneficial effects of microgravity on biological systems. Sounds like science fiction to you? Convince yourself and learn more about benefits for life sciences in microgravity.

.1Growing cell cultures in 3D

Contrary to our planet, where cells are restricted in their development, they can form complex 3D structures in microgravity.

.2Modeling human diseases

Ongoing exposure to microgravity initiates immune dysfunction, bone loss, cardiovascular deconditioning and loss of skeletal muscle.

.3Analyzing proteins and molecules

Crystallization is a crucial method for studying the structures of biomolecules and in microgravity crystals grow larger and in higher quality.

.4Advancing synthetic biology

The harsh environment of space creates stress in organisms that can lead to surprising results in artificial evolution.

.5Studying plant biology

Plants have the ability to “feel” gravity to know in which direction to grow. In space, this reference point is not present, which has considerable effects on plant growth and development.

.6Advancing nanofluidics

Microgravity strongly influences fluid dynamics and helps us to better understand the complexity of biomedical devices involving fluids.
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Stefan Oschman

Former Merck CEO and investor at Yuri

“Microgravity holds significant potential to
improve drug development and cell-based
therapies. I’m excited to support Yuri on
their ambitious journey of creating a new
generation of biotech products in space.”

Matthias Maurer


“It’s great that Yuri brings the enormous benefits of microgravity to new industries and use-cases.”

M. Araceli Espinosa, Ph.D.

Research neurochemist at UCLA

“Having worked with the team on our brain cell mission, I strongly recommend them for training and flight integration. They’re a great company open for innovation according to customer needs.”


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