Let’s take
life science
research to a
new dimension.

Why limit research to an earthly
environment? Yuri enables groundbreaking
discoveries by making microgravity

Let’s co-develop
biotech in space

With our in-house science team we develop our own
pipeline of space biotech products - but we cannot do it
alone. We collaborate with brilliant researchers around the
globe to build the future of biotech together.

Add life science
to your
space station

For the new generation of space stations and capsules, our
space incubator ScienceTaxi with our ScienceShell
portfolio can add state-of-the-art life science capabilities.
Designed for maximum compatibility, we can easily equip
any new spacecraft.

Download Facility ICD

The closest you
will get to
microgravity -
on Earth

Both, the Yuri Clinostat and the Random Positioning
Machine (RPM) are your affordable entry ticket to
microgravity research. They simulate microgravity
conditions 24/7 within the comfort of your lab. If the results
are great, let's go to space as a next step!

Download Factsheet RPM and Clinostat

Take your
research out of
this world

Nothing beats a real journey to space. By providing the
necessary containers designed for different applications,
we enable you to bring your research to the ISS or any other
orbital space craft. With Yuri as your single point of contact,
we get you to space simpler, faster and more affordable.

Download Hardware and Services

Yuri in numbers.
Convince yourself
and get on board.

Over the past years, the Yuri team has given
many scientists the opportunity to do science
in space and we are thrilled about every new
challenge that comes our way.

  • 151space labs launched
    by our team
  • 58customers on
    4 continents
  • 138space biology


Immerse yourself in the exciting
universe of microgravity research

Let’s start a project togetherLet’s start a project together

SpaceX CRS-26

November 16, 2022


Northrop Grumman CRS-14

September 23, 2020


SpaceX CRS-19

December 3, 2019


Matthias Maurer


“It’s great that Yuri brings the enormous benefits of microgravity to new industries and use-cases.”

Stefan Oschman

Former Merck CEO and investor at Yuri

“Microgravity holds significant potential to
improve drug development and cell-based
therapies. I’m excited to support Yuri on
their ambitious journey of creating a new
generation of biotech products in space.”

M. Araceli Espinosa, Ph.D.

Research neurochemist at UCLA

“Having worked with the team on our brain cell mission, I strongly recommend them for training and flight integration. They’re a great company open for innovation according to customer needs.”

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