Our vision:
A bright future
for human
health on Earth
and beyond

Our mission is to engineer end-to-end solutions
to provide biotech products formed in space.

Our values

As dedicated as we are to get ahead in space, we
also strive to provide the best possible space
within our office.

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We boldly challenge the status quo
and proactively take full ownership
of our actions and outcomes.


We strive to make the world a better place
through the science we advance and
the life-improving products we create.


We are centered around our customers,
while taking care of the team, ourselves
and minimizing our impact on the planet


We value direct and open communication
and are not afraid to raise our voice
when things are not right or not fair.


We believe that a great workplace is one that
represents the world we live in and how
beautifully diverse it can be.

Get to know our Yurinauts

Afshin Beheshti

Scientific Advisory Board

Ashish Krishnamoorthy

Electronics Engineer

Christian Bruderrek

Co-Founder & COO

Christopher Mason

Scientific Advisory Board

Daniel Kalkbrenner

Head of Finance

Daniel Kaschubek

Chief Technology Officer

Daniela Bezdan

Chief Scientific Officer

Felix Steiner

Space Access Lead

Graham Robertson

Systems Engineer

Hedrey Silva

Electronics Engineer

Julius Schroth

AIT Engineer

Laura Magri

General Administrator & Financial Accountant Yuri GmbH & Yuri LUX GmbH

Marcel Schöpf

AIT Engineer

Maria Birlem

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Matthew Boller


Noemy Pérez Galán


Oliver Dresch


Stefan Oschmann

Pharma Advisor & Investor

Subin Raj

AIT Engineer

Vera Stellbauer

Talent Acquisition & HR Management

Armin Strobel

Quality, Environmental and Process Manager

Stefan Lübcke

Managing Director Yuri LUX GmbH

Pratik Avinash Kedari

3D Printing Engineer

Anuvindh Vijay

Design & Development Engineer

Meet our scientists

Daniela Bezdan

Chief Scientific Officer

Daniela has degrees in Biotech Engineering, Genomics, and Bioinformatics at Cornell, Max Planck , EMBL/CRG with publications in Cell, Science, Nature. Besides co-authoring more than 17 space biology-related papers she is co-chair of NASA GeneLabs Microbiome , ISSOP and ESA Space Omics. She was among the top 4% ESA astronaut candidates, co-founded Poppy Health, was CSO at Bumrungrad hospital and is now leading yuri’s transition to a biotech company.

Christopher Mason

Scientific Advisory Board

Christopher Mason is a professor of Genomics, Physiology and Biophysics at Weill Cornell Medicine New York. Chris has published over 275 publications in journals like Cell, Science, Nature and has been cited almost 30,000 times. He and his team completed the first-ever sequencing of DNA on the ISS. Among other awards, he won the “Brilliant Ten” scientist of Popular Science. And if you want to know what he is really up to, check out his great book “The Next 500 years”.

Stefan Oschmann

Pharma Advisor & Investor

Stefan Oschmann started his career in pharma occupying diverse managing positions at MSD. He then worked at Merck, starting by leading the Healthcare department and developing the global strategy to become CEO of Merck in 2016. With his award-winning leadership skills he served Merck until 2021. Currently, Stefan works as chairman at both UCB and AiCuris Anti-infective Cures.

Afshin Beheshti

Scientific Advisory Board

Afshin has a PhD from Florida State in physics and made a transition to cancer, systems biology, space biology, and radiation biology. As Assistant Professor at Tufts University he worked in the areas of cancer incl. microRNAs, aging and novel immunotherapies. He holds positions at NASA Ames, Nasa Genelabs and Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard where he works on microRNAs and mitochondria in space, COVID-19 and the impact of high altitude on human biology.

Join the crew, and
skyrocket your

Become part of a
team of pioneers
from around and
out of this world.
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We have received from the following
stars in the past:
  • esa Space Solutions
    Winner 2019
  • CyberOne Hightech
    Award - Winner 2020
  • Science4Life Venture
    Cup - Winner 2020
  • Deutscher Gründerpreis
    Winner 2021
  • EY Entrepreneur of the Year
    Finalist 2022
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